Host or guest?

Host or guest?

Hospitality refers to the relationship between host and guest.

But question lies who is host and who is guest?

Humans think that they are host. And why not? We have many evidences. We are the creators of many electronic items. We had discovered secrets of nature, from microscopic organisms to giant dinosaurs, from knowing the depth of oceans to the diameters of largest stars, we know everything about our guests doesnt we?

But, from my perspective, these are toys given by a Host to His guests. We are not host, we are guests. These worldy things are merely provided to us so that we could stay thankful to our host. He had given us spring water, four seasons, friends, family and what not

But, humans forget that they are not host. And as all guests do, we also have to return to Him one day.

So, why we try to seek pleasure of other guests, why not please our host?? 


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