Successful Mask

Successful Mask

We all wear different masks all day. Different mask for different people. Like I wear my daughter mask when I am with my family, daughter in law mask when I am with my in-laws,etc.

I dont know which mask I wear successfully. We all try to fit in every mask every shoes perfectly. But we wear some with great perfection and some with errors.

The ‘real us’ are known to very few, because we sometime forget to come out of our role. Even when we see mirror, we tend to identify which role are we in? But, In solitude, when we try to identify ourselves, we fail miserably because now we are not use to of seeing ourselves without a mask.

We had successfully forgotten ourselves…

Now people doesn’t know real “Sana” but knows a “Sana” with a mask of daughter, sibling, wife, daughter in law.


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