Letter to 2016

Letter to 2016

Dear 2016,

You started with a bang, and we all hoped that you will bring peace and love in humanity which is long lost. But instead you scheduled all festivals on weekends, therefore, I couldn’t get a day off, to spend some extra hours with my family.

You made me see a boy drowned near seashore, war spreading in more areas, plane crashes, corruption, failed resolutions, etc., but we still hoped that you will get better.

I lost great legends of my country and we saw financial instabilities.

But, personally, it was you were too good to me and my family.

We are about to welcome a new family member, thanks to you. I saw my little sister dressed up as a beautiful bride of a great man. These moments were worth living for.

Luckily, no one in my family got ill or suffered from any trauma or injuries.

I lost my job, but found a new hobby and I love it. Blogging is like a food to my soul. I will try to write daily next time.

You were too good to me. I wish you could be equally good to every human on earth.

We every year welcome your successor, with more open heart and high hopes than previous years, wishing that you may bought blessings and well wishes for us.

Sometimes you bring gifts of happiness and sometimes sadness.

Hope this year will be good to me as well as to every human around the globe.

P.S :You moved really fast. I hope 2017 will move slow. I need time.


Someone who welcomed you…


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