Conundrums… left unsolved.

Conundrums… left unsolved.

After knowing today’s prompt word, my conundrum was ‘what does conundrum mean?’

But now I know, so it is no more a conundrum.

The question which is most difficult one to me is ‘when will I learn to forgive and forget?’

I can do either one of them, or none of them. I had forget what my one of the closest relative done to me and my family, but I cannot forgive them, even though she had stopped playing games with us. Why it is so difficult?

Humans tend to forget all the good things that had happened in their lives, but remember all the embarrassing moments and hardships he had undergone through. I am not an ideal person or an angel who can forgive and forget easily. Something stays in mind for a longer period of time, may be for a lifetime.

I had forget that how my best friend ditched me after being my best friend for 5 long years, but can I forgive her? Nope. Not possible.

I cannot forget and forgive my first love as well for his decision of breaking up. Indeed now, I am more than happy with my husband. But sometimes, my mind bring back his memories, which I so want to forget. He recently got married, and I was invited. When I saw him, I just see an acquaintance. I wanted to see something for me, but couldn’t find anything. He had moved along, so am I, but sometime, I get back to the same place where he left me, in expectations to find his traces.

When will I move on? Why it still hurt to see him with someone else. It was me who got married first and he also have the right to go on. So why I am expecting him to come back to me?

Conundrums… left unsolved.


One thought on “Conundrums… left unsolved.

  1. Well, I don’t think it is necessary to do any of them (forgive and forget) but what I find crucial is the fact that the past experiences must not affect the present fully. The lessons must be learnt though. 🙂


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