Protest not to protest.

Protest not to protest.

Protest. Why should I even think of protesting? Does it really matter? Will it cause any change.

I don’t think so.

Every other day we hear on news channels that a protest is going on here, there, etc. Example of one of the recent demonstration was in the USA when a large group of people came out again the elected president. But, in the end, what happen? Nothing.

Sometimes, it is better to let things go, rather than protesting. I remember that story that I read on social media that once a professor was holding the glass filled with water, he told his students at he will be fine if he holds this glass for 15 minutes or so. But after 30 minutes, he will start to feel its impact and his wrist will be tired. After an hour, his arm will start aching and after a few more minutes, his full hand will be in great pain. If he didn’t keep the glass down, then after a few more hours, he will be needed to be admitted to hospital for treatment and if he protested against keeping the glass down, he will ultimately lose his arm.

So, what does he will get in return.? Zero. So, why keep holding a glass of water for a longer time when you can use it to hold the hands of someone you love when you walk in the garden, or you can type, like me and tell the world that there is still good in you.

The human body also does not protest. When a person is dying, it is said that body flushes out all the toxins in the body through feces. It is nature’s way of letting it go.

Holding someone, to whom you are a glass of water is a waste.

Instead of protesting. Try crying, screaming on top of your lungs and say to yourself that by doing so, I am setting you free , till you want to come back.


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