Aroma from Heaven

Aroma from Heaven

Almighty had blessed us with 5 senses and all these senses, when work, bring back old memories. Seeing an old picture, touching their old clothes, speaking out their names or smelling any related smell make us miss someone so bad that getting over becomes more difficult. The scars of heart that were thought had healed, become fresh again, and killing us inside.

I lost one of my favorite cousin 2 years back. I can still visualize his face, always smiling and making jokes in tensed situations.

We use to chat on MSN messenger, just making fun and other stuff. Then one day, in a family occasion he gave all the members surprise by visiting us. He didn’t inform anybody that he is coming. My father took me to him and asked me “who is he?” and I said “I don’t know” and then he told me that he is the same cousin I use to talk.

He was such a fun loving guy. Even when he got divorced, there was no change of tone in his voice. Same attitude, same smile. He was again planning for yet another surprise visit when we received that tragic news.

Initially we all thought that he is making some kind of joke again. We all were so attached to him that we had thought even thought that he had created some kind of prank on all of us by spreading rumor of his death and that whole night and the next morning, we were expecting that our door bell will ring at any moment and we will see him saying “surprise”.

We were keep calling him on viber, whtsapp, mobile, etc. But couldn’t reach to him. Then gradually we realize that it is not a joke by him, rather by his fate.

We haven’t seen any picture of his dead body. I hope we had got one so that it could become easier to believe that he is gone forever.

So, I still remember the aroma of his perfume that he used. Don’t know the name, but still whenever I get smell something similar even, I look for him that he might had come back to us.


RIP dear… you are still missed!!


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