My Confidence- My Primp

My Confidence- My Primp

Primp  means to look more attractive by making small changes in your overall attire. It is usually the last minute changes we made in our make-up, hairs and dress that create greater impact on the perception of our personalities on others. That is why usually perfumes are the last thing we use as primp, so that whether we can create a stronger impact on the nostrils of the people we are going to meet with. That is the reason that sometime we recognize a person just by their brand of perfume.

My last minute personality enhancer is not a make-up item. I believe it is truly materialistic and does not create that powerful impression of myself and thus it is not worth my last minute attention.

My last minute primp is confidence. Whether it comes within myself or I have to fake it. I carry it wherever I go. I am very much introvert. I don’t like social gatherings at all. Give me a book and cup of coffee and you will be best friend. So whenever I had to get out of my comfort zone to face this useless world with small mentality. I had to use my last minute time to get my confidence out on my face.

This is a hard trick, especially for the people like me who cannot bear lies. Thus in the last minutes, I chant the following:

  1. They will not kill me
  2. Who cares whether what they think. I know who and what I am.
  3. I had seen worst things in life then this
  4. I am not scared of rejections
  5. I am best in my own way. And I don’t need to show it
  6. All I need to show is ‘I DON’T CARE’
  7. And there are some lovely people in my life who will accept me whether ‘they’ accept me or not.

I keep these things (and more) in my mind and by chanting them, confident don’t come to me, but fear leaves me and the absence of one means the presence of the other.


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