I was amazed by the results of election. Some what I was disappointed. It was not between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, but it was between a man and a woman, where woman was a doctorate degree holder, wife of ex-president and office holder for a long time.

Saddened to see that male dominance exist not only in under developed countries, but it also pertains in developed nations. Initially I only use to think that countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, India, etc. are the countries in which women are degraded. But now I see no difference.

With great power comes greater responsibilities, thus if this time, the USA had voted for a female candidate, they could have changed their history of being no female president in USA. They could have initiated the change in the mindset of people.

If female doesn’t get a chance in such a developed country, I cannot expect my country to give me equality.

(The opinions are strictly personal and with all due respect to both the candidates)


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