Copycat.. Smelly cat

Copycat.. Smelly cat

The first thing that came into my mind after I read today’s prompt was ‘smelly cat’ and I find myself involuntarily singing “smelly cat smelly cat, what are they feeding you’. I am trying too hard to think about what to write for today’s prompt but all I can think is ‘smelly cat’

I guess, it is simply impossible to forget any episode of FRIENDS. Even after so many years, I still follow their pages, tweets and whenever I feel low, I see those episodes.

I want to copy their lifestyles, their friendships. How easily they communicate with each other on every topic. I really dream to have such a bunch of true friends that stay with each other through thick and thin.

I wish character like Joey exist in real life and I can run to him whenever I am upset and he can cheer me up from his cheesy lines and can take me on a date (like he took Rachel when no one was taking her to date) or can be a backup groom if I didn’t find one till 40.

In spite of the fact that they all had their other problems as well, but still they were always together, supporting each other. There was jealousy, hatred, misunderstandings, etc. but in the end, they were together.

This type of journey I want to copy for sure.

(In response to daily prompt: Copycat)


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