I am always scared of graveyards. I never like the eeriness they create in me. It is fearsome even to imagine that one day I will be buried in the same way as others had been.

Some days before, I heard that one of my classmates died. She was just a year elder and we studied high school together.

I was really shocked and saddened to know this. My family knew her as well so I asked them what happened with her.

My mother told me that doctors said that she was suffering from SLE (Lupus) and was on ventilator for many days. But her mother also told her that she is being possessed as well and was a victim of black magic. Treatment for both of the things (SLE and Magic) were going on, but ultimately she lost against both the battles.

Hearing this, I was scared. I was exactly at the same place 5 years back. I dont know whether it was luck or prayer that I am alive and she isn’t. We both were diagnosed with SLE at same time and also we were in same hospital ( I came to know this afterwards), but she was in ICU and I was in general ward, and my treatment worked for me.

This was scary enough to make me shiver. I cannot thank enough for this new life I had got.

What could be more frightening then imagining yourself as dead ???


2 thoughts on “Scared

  1. I used to be afraid of death as well. But I found peace on God’s promise that he has prepared a place for those who believe and accept him. From that day on, death was just another day, event, a celebration even, of meeting the creator who loves me. 🙂

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