Giant Window

Giant Window

There lived a couple in a small house. At breakfast, the lady saw from her giant sized window, her neighbor who was washing clothes, she said:

“The lady doesn’t know how to clean clothes. She must change the washing powder” – wife said

Husband listened to her and said nothing.

Other day, they were again watching the lady washing clothes and hanging them.

“She seriously need some help. She doesn’t know how to wash clothes” – His wife said

Husband again concentrated on the words of her wife and kept quiet.

The same thing happened again and now his wife got angry and said “what type of women she is who does not know how to wash clothes. If she cannot clean clothes properly how she can keep her house clean”

Husband asked her to calm down and said that he will look for an idea.

After few days, the couple saw that lady again washing clothes.

This time her clothes were clean.

“wow, her clothes are clean now. Did you talk to that lady? Tell me what did you do?” – She asked curiously.

“I cleaned our windows today” – Husband said while having tea.



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