Smoky Morning

Smoky Morning

The best part to travel in the upper regions is that to you can have an opportunity to witness the amazing beauty of Mother Nature. And this morning, I woke up early to see sunrise. But to my astonishment, I saw smoke all around.

I tried to smell the any traces of burning things, but all I felt was a just fresh air. I realized that it is a foggy morning where our horizon gets limited.

I love such mornings. Sometimes, seeing nothing is a blessing in disguise, but for a limited period. It think how it would feel if I become invisible. Will he miss me? Will he look for me or even text me? I would love to witness it. But I am scared what if he didn’t look for me and lived peacefully without me?

So I decided to live in my delusion rather than testing them. At least I can die in this satisfaction that there were people present who loved me.


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