Crying Not Allowed!

Crying Not Allowed!

I have seen many families which teach their boys that ‘boys don’t cry’. From the day he is born, at every occasion, whether he is crying out of joy or from breakup. ‘Big boys don’t cry’, ‘Be a man, don’t cry’, such phrases are used numerous times for a male child in the families and the purpose is to make him strong.

There is a tear gland present in eyes of every human, regardless of their gender. That means it is not unusual for a male child to cry.

But when we see a boy crying, people presume him as weaker, feeble-minded person.

So, how can those man show their sorrow, their frustrations and their suffocation when they cannot cry? Such men then find a new way to show their grief. They, then find comfort giving pain to others. Yes! They torture other person, which is directly proportional to the pain they are feeling.

And, unfortunately, the other person usually are females which are either their girlfriends, wives, mothers, etc.

Boys had been taught that they cannot cry, that is half a sentence. They should be taught that ‘boys don’t cry and neither let anyone cry’. We forget to teach them the other part of the sentence.

I, here, feel no need to describe what is an abusive relationship. But, just because mothers teach their male child not to cry, it does not make them strong, it make them heartless.

There are few things that we cannot stop. We cannot stop a flowing river as it will find its other course. Similarly, if we tried to stop natural emotions from coming up, they will find another way to come out.

And that way will be more dangerous and we will regret the time we taught them to do so.

It is high time we should start thinking…

(In response to daily prompt banned)


2 thoughts on “Crying Not Allowed!

  1. Thank you for writing this post. It is so true that the message of ‘big boys don’t cry’ is wrong and old. I encouraged my husband to cry when he mourn for the sudden accidental death of his best friends of 12 years. We still missed him, he is a great neighbor.

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