Size does not matter

Size does not matter

Who says ‘size does matter’ are the ones who had never got injured with a small stone. The pain it cause is inversely proportional to its size, and that will make you believe that size really don’t matter.

Daily I come across so many posts and tweets where people ask for ways to remove surgical marks, stretch marks, scars, acne, etc. And trust me, I always look into them to get way too to remove mine too.

But why should we remove these marks? Just because it defames our body and people won’t find us attractive. I use to think the same. I always apply different make up stuff to hide them.

But, these are my souvenirs. Souvenirs of different battles that I had won. I had my cholecystectomy done just a year before my wedding, and trust me the scars are tiny (except for one big), I cried a lot the day before looking my perfect spotless abdomen that I was going to lose, and after surgery, I thought I am the ugliest. But what I got in return was much more than a spotless abdomen, I got my life back, without that gallbladder pain. I fought with the pain and with the fear of surgery.

These scars, marks are our mementos that remind us about the time when we were almost dying, but we survived. They are not something to hate, but they are the ones to love. They remind us that once in our lifetime, we had won.

People hate stretch marks, especially the ones women get after pregnancies. And just because of the fear of getting them, they avoid getting pregnant. I pity them. What they don’t realize that there are so many women out in the world that are dying to have them. They can sacrifice all the things just to get that tiny movements in their tummy, to get their little bundle of joys.

No one would love you, till you don’t start loving yourself. Accepting yourself is the biggest challenge. Marks or no marks, big or small, it really does not matter.

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