Urgency of Breaking down

Urgency of Breaking down

Yes, we all look for love, like a toddler looks for a toy.

There are times when we want to cry hard but we just can’t. Sometimes, I am just tired of showing myself as a strong woman. Truth is, I am not strong, I am weak. Whole day, I fight from my desires which are wanting to be fulfilled but I don’t have enough resources, my body fights with numerous diseases though out the day, my mind fights from urge of quitting. It had been a routine, to fight for your survival, to fight so that you can make your ends meet.

But still I stand up and face myself in mirror and tells myself that I won’t let anyone know that I am weak.

And when darkness of the night falls, and I lay down on pillow, I found my other half of the bed vacant, like my life, incomplete. I wish he was there with me, look into my eyes with deep love and put his hand on my face, saying ‘let it go’ without speaking. And I would just let tears roll down, and cry, without saying anything.

After so much fights whole day, I just want to breakdown in his arms, with no question or answers. All I crave is him. I miss him so much. I never mind to show him that I need him, that I am weak, and that I am different person from the girl that the world knows.

I am tired of being the strongest. I am exhausted from this daily fights.

I wish I could hold him tight and as I cry, he know the reason and my urgency of wanting him..


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