Trusting Hopes

Trusting Hopes


What a funny word for today. Yes, trust had become the most famous game in today’s world. It is like a sand castle that we had used to make it on seashore. We worked hard and make a perfect castle, and then either it was washed by sea or someone break it.

The person who had broke our trust is no one else then ourselves. We break ourselves every time. Every morning, I wake up every morning with all positivity in me that I will not let anyone ruin my day and will come back home with a big smile. But, when I return back in evening, I am totally opposite of what I thought I would be.

When we cannot trust ourselves, how we can trust on others?

Seeing ourselves in the mirror, we deceive our mind that we are perfect and healthy. But are we really? There are marks on our hearts and soul that are not visible, but is there. Marks, of the time when we had been betrayed, when we had lost someone dear, when we had failed. These marks never let us stand again.

But again, I believe, that an angel will definitely come to us one day, who will heal our most deepest cuts and will make us learn to trust again. Who will make us learn to love again and will make us alive.

We all should atleast try to trust our hopes, that one day, it will change and we all will leave all our scars behind and will move forward with our angel.



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