Office Awkwardness

Office Awkwardness

Clumsy simple mean “awkwardness”.

I hate to recall my memories with my stupid boss, but latest incident of clumsiness happens to be with him.

I was the only married lady in there. And, therefore my boss tried to crack some adult jokes on me. I ignored them all. Not because I don’t want to fight or etc. but I don’t react on things I don’t like. Therefore it really doesn’t matter to me.

The clumsiest incident happened when my boss was annoyed a whole week with no reason. Everything was running smoothly, but he was annoyed and was making mountain out of molehill. Since, I hated him so much, I didn’t even bother to ask why.
One day, he asked me if I knew about that coil thing used to prevent conception. I said I had a rough idea about it. Then he started to tell me that his wife had used this method to prevent conception and then he started to discuss his personal married life, that how since many days he haven’t got “pleasure” and is looking for some girl, with whom he can fulfill his desires.

It was extremely awkward standing there at that time, and due to this things started to fall from my hands and I was continuously covering myself in the dress I was wearing.
Initially, I and my coworker laughed on his stupidness. But then, I thought that indeed I had laughed on his “talks”, but there would have been many women who are facing this every day and they have to show at work as well so that they can meet their ends.

Sexual violence at workplace is not a taboo issue anymore, but sometimes, women have to bear all this and still smile so that they survive.


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