Daily Prompt : Daring

Daily Prompt : Daring

As a kid, I always loved powerpuff girls. For me they were my heroes. They had every quality whether to be one. They can fly, fight, teach bad guys a lesson and can use super powers.

But after reaching this age, I really laugh on my above vision. Now, I find hero in every human. Do you want to witness one? if yes, then your next stop should be hospital. You can see fighters all around yourself. There are people fighting with cancer, AIDS, SLE, burns and many more. They are the real fighters because they are not quitting to fight. And their enemies are their own bodies.

We all have super powers, if I could name it, it would be your WILL POWER. I have witness one of the patient in a cardiac hospital. He was of age 90, and had been on ventilator for several times earlier. When I saw him, he was on ventilator for 5th time. His wife, was as normal as like is husband is having a minor cold. I used to think what if he never came back this time. But, he came back, again, defeating his illness.

We see wars on TV all day. Whether it is Syria, Palestine or Kashmir, people are dying everywhere. It was not long ago when we had witness Alan Kurdi, a young boy, just 3 years old, engulfed and thrown out of the sea. This is what the price is been paid for asking freedom. But still there are protesters who stand against their enemies, who try to get liberation from other, without fearing that their children can be the next Alan Kurdi


Such people are daring. They are fighting with themselves to survive. Every human is fighting for its survival. We are fighting because we want freedom from enemies, from our stupid bosses, from abusive spouses, from addictions. If we are not daring, then who are?

We do not need courage to die, rather need one to live.

(Image source: Wikipedia)



5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Daring

  1. Beautiful post. That photo always makes me sad. Sad because not all of us make it to those places we’ve dared to go. But, if we never dared to go, we’d never have a shot at arrival. Thanks for sharing and for the reminder that we all have a little bit of superhero in us. 🙂

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    1. Dear Marie…
      Being a survivor myself, I feel that it is my job to keep that superhero alive in everyone. Im glad and thankful for your comments… Lots of love 🙂

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