Masked You…

Masked You…

“you are so aggressive” – one of my friend said

“your love is as much intense as your anger” – husband’s remarks

“I am scared of your anger” – Mom said once

These words hit me when I was writing about today’s word. And once I recall them, I get to know true meaning of this word ‘façade

Why I am so irritable and bitter? Is it something in my genes? Or I am suffering from unknown mental problem.

No, that is not the case. And I know it.

Wearing the mask in front of the people you love, is the worst thing to me. There should be no barriers between people who are close to your heart. Why should we hide our feelings from the close ones? Aren’t they supposed to be ‘close’ to us?

Yes, we all wear a mask to hide real us when we meet someone who is merely an acquaintance. But, when we cross the bridge, we should be free to express ourselves, our love, our anger, favorites, hates and everything else.

But I guess people cannot handle the true self. That is the reason most of the break-ups happen.

So, I keep wearing the mask even from my loved ones. But after sometime, when I am tired of this facade, I quit and break down.

So, a transparent type of relations, does not exist in reality.


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