Diversity is the beauty of humanity. What a dull place it would be if we all had same mindset and we all had been on the same footings. How boring it would be if Trump and Clinton both agreed with each other, then we would not had been able to witness the intellectual capabilities of the two.

Diversity is a blessing in disguise. As our finger prints are different from others, similarly our thoughts, our mindsets, our values and principles all are different from others. That is why we have disagreement with almost everyone in some way or the other. Whether it is in case of clothing or liking a movie, we tend to disagree.

It certainly not means that if a person is disagreeing to us, hates us. It is human nature to analyze a scenario in 360 degrees and to look for loopholes.

Accepting and appreciating the fact that disagreeing is a part of diversity will help humans to build a better place for future generation. When we will able to learn that if we are not of same color, same caste, same religion, it does not mean that we are superior from anyone.

Let us not focus on points on which we disagree, rather look for those, which are same in all of us like the color of our blood and our heartbeats.

And after all, we all agree that we are a part of Homo Sapiens.



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