Dilemma of a Candle…

Dilemma of a Candle…

Today’s word made me think about it for a long time. Dilemma, what was my dilemma? When in the life I was in such a situation when I had to make a choice. I spend whole night thinking about it, and then it strikes me.

The biggest dilemma I faced is when I had to decide whether I should join a medical school or to go for commerce. I love science and it still fascinates me a lot. I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor after completing my schooling. When I told my parents about it, they helplessly said that I should drop this idea and opt for commerce. The reason was the high fee structure of science schools. I had 2 more siblings after me and if I went ahead to chase my dreams, my siblings will not be able to do so.

There were two ways back then, either I become selfish and rebelliously go against their will and chase what I always wanted to be, or let my younger have the opportunity to chase what they will want to do in their lives.

It is always the candle’s job to burn and give light to others. So I kept my sisters ahead of my interest.I had learnt to sacrifice from my parents they had done that for me. Now, when I am in their place, I can exactly understand how much they had burnt for their children. Bearing those pains and restlessness of 9 months, and when they came to know that I am a girl, it was easy for them to dump me in graveyard or to throw away in dustbin or just sell me out. But they accepted me and gave me the thing which most of the children does not have i.e. LOVE

My whole life is because of my parents and I have no regrets in doing what they wanted me to do.

Love your parents, always! Because we don’t realize that they also had a dilemma at our birth, either to keep us or to throw us away. But they kept us and thus we should be thankful to them.


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