Jumping Towards Freedom

Jumping Towards Freedom

As I see my reflection

I saw someone else standing there

She looked like me a lot

But scars and blood make her different

I touched myself, and found none

Who is she, in the place of me

I am your soul dear, my reflection replied

What are you seeing, is merely what you did to me.

You let others play with you

And hurt you, broke you and shatter you

Your physical pains might have vanished

But these blemishes will never heal

Why did you do this bad, what was my sin?

Tears rolled down from my eyes, as I heard her saying

Fault was mine, but you paid the price

I trusted all the wrong people every time

I was honest with them, and they played it well

People used me, had fun and took all the remaining

I am left with nothing, but a heart and you

Every agony, was the nail in my coffin

And seeing you like this, is the last one.

I had suffered a lot, and got nothing in return

My only culpability, that I was looking for love

Well played world! But now I quit

Please look for anything else now to have fun.

I looked back to my past, for the last time

And smiled on all of their faces

You cant hurt me anymore

No pains, torture or sufferings

I jumped towards my relief

In the deep blue sea

Took my final breaths and closed my eyes

I am free, I screamed

Finally, free forever.

via Daily Prompt: Jump


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