Heart v/s Money

Heart v/s Money

Hello readers,

People ask me “why you had started writing for free. Charge it”, and I simply reply them that, “not everything is done for money”. After working 4-5 years in different companies, when I sit on my desk at home and look behind, I saw myself running after money.

But, after I found out that I am pregnant, I had to make a tough decision, either to continue running or to stop. I wanted to run, so that I can gather more money for my little baby and to give him the best of everything.

But, what are the cons. If I keep on working, I will not be able to cherish the movement of my little one. I will not be able to have time to talk to him, to comfort him in my belly, to dream about him. And after he/ she is born too, I might miss his first words, first steps. He will cry and look for his mother whereas I would be busy in making money.

Taking this crucial decision was not easy. I was immersed in the sea of doubts when the time came for my first ultrasound. And in those 20 minutes, I made my decision.

Thanks to the advance technology, I was able to hear the heartbeat of my 7 week 4 days old baby growing in me. It was the most wonderful experience one could ever feel. Tears rolled from my eyes and waves of memories engulfed me of time when I and my husband were desperately asking for one and when the strip showed me a false positive. But now, it was all true. The child was calling ‘mummy’ ‘mummy’ through his heartbeat. I saw him on-screen, without hands or legs, round like a marble but with heartbeat.

Then I decided, and I quit running. I do not want to miss a single moment to be with him or her. Gender has never been a matter for me and nor for my husband.

At the time of writing this blog, I had dated my cute baby 4 times. And all those times, when I saw him on-screen and listened his heart beating, it tells me that my decision is certainly right. My baby needs me more than he needs money.

Now, since I am not working, I can sew sweaters, clothes, write lullaby and plan many other things.

So, all you out there, if you are blessed with one of such amazing and special blessing, and thinking whether keeping a job is good option or nor, I would say, relax and enjoy that sacred sign of Almighty, because in this huge world, there are many people who are still trying to get it.

Stay Blessed!


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