7 Things I Learned From My Husband

7 Things I Learned From My Husband

Good day readers,

Every time I see my husband, I fall in love with him over and over again. So, when my husband was having breakfast today and I was watching him, I thought why not I write about him.

There are many things I love about him, but what about things he taught me? So, here are few:


The first and foremost thing he taught me is how to stay calm when things don’t go your way. It is not necessary that circumstances always turn in your favor. He taught me to accept failure as a part of life and to stand up again.

He is the most patient man I have ever seen in my life. It had been 9 years since we are together and whether it is my mood swing or my arrogance, he had always stayed persistent.


If I say that my husband respects his parents a lot, it will not be something new. But, he does not only respect his elders, but I have also seen him giving the same regard to everyone, regardless of their age, gender, etc.

He taught me to give respect to everyone, even to our maids. Because only by giving respect, you can gain some portion of it as well.


I had never truly understood the meaning to unconditional love. I thought that love is always about give and take. But, my husband had taught me the true meaning of loving some one unconditionally.

There was a time, when I didn’t want to be with him. But, my husband (who was my fiancé at that time), first tried to stop me and settle things, but when I refuse to do so, he just stayed quiet.

I asked him now that why he did not try to stop me, he said that all he wants is my happiness, and if I am happy with someone else, he will not stop me.

His relation with Almighty is also unconditional, as he has strong believe on Him, but when he does not get what he had prayed for, he did not argue with Almighty. I guess, that is how firm believe should be.


Whenever I am angry, I shout, scream, throw things, slam doors, and use slang terms. But, my husband is totally opposite of me. He is always calm. I don’t know how? I remember the time when my boss was not issuing experience letter, I was really upset and was thinking for an alternative. But, my husband told me the other way. He told me to understand condition of my boss as he is facing difficulties in work, as I had left suddenly. He was right. I, afterwards, talked to him again politely, and my boss melted and issued the letter.

I learned that it is easier to be selfish, but we should keep ourselves in others’ place as well to get a complete picture.


My husband had faced so much hardships in his life, that it cannot be explained in words. But, all those troubles he faced, had always been caused by someone else.

When his family’s problem got severe, he never even thought of separating with his parents. He faced all the troubles with his family and stayed with them. He never blamed his parents for ruining his life nor his love for them got any less.

And when I suffered from really bad, unknown disease. He stood by me. I was in dying state. He had the very strong reason to leave me, as every man wants a healthy and beautiful girl, and I was totally opposite from that. But he did not leave me and stayed with me, every moment, every second.

I had now recovered from that disease, but my husband still cannot forget that time when he had almost lost me. It is said that man do not cry. But I had seen two men crying for me during that period, my father and my husband


My husband does not own a car, nor a motor cycle. But, I never saw him complaining. He had to spend additional time in office as he waits for a lift. But I never seen him being upset about it. This is why, when my friends ask me if my husband owns a car or something, I say NO, and I am proud of it, because I have an amazing husband rather than an amazing car.


Whenever my hands are not waxed and my eyebrows are totally messed, I feel sad seeing myself in mirror thinking of what my husband will think about me, that he had married a man rather a woman. But, my husband always tells me that I look beautiful whether I am completely opposite of it.

I remember when I opened myself and told him that I have really week eyesight and have asthma and other many things and then I asked him that will you still accept me. He said ‘yes’ and he gave this amazing reason that when we will get old, we won’t be admiring each other’s beauty, but we will always cherish the time we had spent together. The time, we laughed together, when we cried together, will stay with us forever and not our prettiness.

These are some very few things I learned from him. And I know as the time passes by, I will learn more and more about him.

I not only have a good husband, but I found a very good friend, human being and a pure soul to love.

Keep loving!

(P.S: I would really appreciate any trait of your life partner which you had learned)




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