#First Blog – Survive!

#First Blog – Survive!

Greetings Readers.

As the title suggest, this is my first ever blog.

Creating a blog is easy, but keeping it alive is difficult. That is the same with life. Charles Darwin had given his theory of the “survival of the fittest” a long time ago, which I now think is true.

Life is not for quitters. If you are alive and reading this, this mean you had been a winner and the first ever victory of yours was even before you were born. You were the fastest and most powerful sperm, that had reached to egg. And not with one or two, you were the fastest among the millions. So everyone of you, you are a winner, by birth.

When sun rises in the jungle, a lion and deer both knows that they had to run. One has to run for food or else he will starve and die, and other must run for his life, or else he will became a meal for other.

Not everyday is a good day, but we must not lose the hope of goodness. Death, is easy and peaceful, but it is not for which we are made. Crossing hurdles everyday is what needed. Winning or losing does not matter, but what matter is “fighting”.

Death is never an option! and it cant be an option when you are born to fight.

Best wishes!



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